Nicole Zajac Collection | 11.13.2020 - Part 1

New York Inspired collection by Nicole Zajac blog part one

New York Inspired Collection [part 1]


NYC inspiration

Influenced by Nicole Zajac’s personal style this collection is an answer to her search for the right ingredients for the perfect everyday jewelry.

Trendy, chic and classic - NYC is the perfect setting to draw artistic inspiration with it's classic architecture and trend setting fashion, these pieces capture the essence of the fast paced city vibes.

Everyday - trendy, chic and classic

Our design challenge

Creating everyday wear pieces to suite Nicole's personal style was a fun challenge. Her vision of contemporary staple pieces that also felt classic and chic was the driving influence behind the minimalist components and dainty chains used. 

The Design

We combined elements of minimalist chains, sleek hoops and contemporary coin pieces to channel NYC’s diversity.  We chose the curb chain as the anchoring element throughout the collection to capture the city's classic but edgy feeling.

Rope chain styles were introduced to emulate the chic classic feels of the upper east side and we used small discs on smooth dainty wires that to represent the city lights so iconic in the city that never sleeps.


Williamsburg Curb Chain Necklace (Top) Midtown Manhattan Box Chain Necklace (bottom) 

Keeping with Nicole’s vision the collection’s most notable feature is how a mix of various designs still work well together – combining and layering each piece to create new looks.


 New York Inspired Collection [Part 2] 

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