Sweden Collection | 09.19.19 - Part 1

Sweden inspired gold jewellery collection
Introducing your new everyday favorites with a not so everyday look

Sweden Inspired Collection [part 1]

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The inspiration

Our vision was to use crisp clean lines, in a fashion that emphasized our organic handmade look and feel. Pieces in this collection needed to become a staple everyday go to which resonated a feeling of comfort and charm. We were inspired by the Danish word “Hygge”  and Sweden’s beautiful natural landscapes, there is a lot of soulful daydreaming we poured into our designs and we're confident you will feel the same wanderlust that we felt when bringing the Sweden collection to life.

Learn more about Hygge from our friends at Hygge Canada


The Design

A big element in our brand is versatility, you can wear any of the pieces from our collections together, they are interchangeable. And the Sweden Inspired collection is the most versatile everyday collection we’ve created. You can wear plain gold with any of your favorite gemstones, that’s why we are excited to launch this collection.

 The most everyday not so every day collection 

Circles and Bars

We took the classic bar earrings and built the feature into our bracelets and necklaces. We also created a cute circle necklace, which we expanded into fashion earrings, bracelets and rings.

Pieces in this collection have lots of flexibility in their dainty, simple and delicate designs. They also emphasize the organic handmade look and feel. 

Lulea necklace (top left) Marstrand bracelet (top right), Stockholm earrings (bottom left) Trosa Ring (bottom right)



Sweden Inspired Collection [part 2] 

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