Faro Bracelet

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The Faro Bracelet is one of our all time favourite pieces! We love the unique design, with the perfect mix of moonstone and quartz. It adds a touch of boho to your look while keeping it classic and minimal. It's a show stopper! 

  • 6" 14k gold filled cable chain with a .6" extension
  • Extension is finished with clear quartz stone approximately 2 mm in size 
  • 14k gold filled wire and clasp
  • Stones are hand cut and approximately 4 mm in size
  • Moonstone and Clear Quartz



When not being worn, properly store your jewelry to avoid scratches and damage to gems. Each of our pieces is shipped in its own cotton lined jewelry box, which is a perfect place to keep them.



You can safely, and easily clean your jewelry with a solution of mild dish soap and warm water. Use a soft bristle brush to gently loosen dirt and ensure to rinse the jewelry thoroughly in warm water. Lay your jewelry on a towel to dry.




Remove your jewelry before using chemicals. Exposure to chemicals can damage or discolor precious metals like gold and silver and may harm some colored gems. In addition avoid exposure to hairspray, lotion, perfumes or other cosmetics. They can contain chemicals that can damage the surface of your pearls and other delicate gems. 


Faro Bracelet
Faro Bracelet
Faro Bracelet
Faro Bracelet
Faro Bracelet