Ireland Inspired Collection | 06.13.2021 - Part 1

Ireland Inspired 14K gold filled everyday fine jewelry

Ireland Inspired Collection [part 1]

Ireland Inspiration

From charming historic cobblestone streets to the breathtaking, rugged country landscapes. We set out to create a collection that captured Ireland's charm.

The riddle we had to solve was creating a collection that was both bold and delicate.

Squares + Rectangles

Our approach was to balance sharp, crisp lines with strong yet dainty elements and we chose the paperclip chain as the anchor for this collection, it was such a great fit for what we were trying to achieve. 

 14K gold filled dainty square earrings


Our inspired collections always take a life of their own during the development process and this collection was no exception.

The Adare earring was originally envisioned as a horseshoe but after the first few designs we decided to adjust the shape slightly. Rounded edges didn’t quite work with the rest of the pieces, so we adjusted them slightly to make more of a staple shape. This change worked well in keeping with our original inspiration for the collection. 

 pictured above Adare Earrings

We also adjusted the clasp of the Belfast bracelet for the same reasons. It is fun to see how the designs evolve from concept to the final product.

 Delicate Gold Filled paperclip chain bracelet

 pictured above Belfast bracelet

The Ireland Inspired Collection launches June 13th at noon CST. Be the first to know, sign up for our email list.

Ireland Inspired blog part. 2 – Coming Soon.

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