Ireland Inspired Collection | 06.13.2021 - Part 1
From charming historic cobblestone streets to the breathtaking landscapes. Read about the inspiration behind the new Ireland Inspired collection.
Nicole Zajac Collection | Part 2
New York Inspired Collection [part 2] NOW AVAILABLE NYC inspiration Influenced by Nicole Zajac’s personal style, we take a deeper dive into the designs as she walks us through her favorite styles and styling tips. Read about the inspiration in Part 1...
Nicole Zajac Collection | 11.13.2020 - Part 1
New York Inspired Collection [part 1] NOW AVAILABLE NYC inspiration Influenced by Nicole Zajac’s personal style this collection is an answer to her search for the right ingredients for the perfect everyday jewelry. Trendy, chic and classic - NYC is the...
Parisian Collection | 07.23.20 - Part 2
PARISIAN INSPIRED COLLECTION [PART 2] Part 2 of our series we dive a little bit further into a few common questions, and take a closer look at some of our favorite pieces. First thing first... Why Paris? Jill: I have been...
Parisian Collection | 07.23.20 - Part 1
Parisian Inspired Collection [part 1] Parisian inspiration Paris is such an iconic city that represents many things. For us, there were two elements that we wanted to bottle in this collection: sophistication and romance. Love and fashion go together like champagne...
Q&A: Jillian Sheedy - Co Founder
Designing jewelry that resonates a specific vibe begins with moments of inspiration. In this blog Jill chats about gathering inspiration, the starting line and content.  Why Jewelry? I found my passion for jewelry from the beginning of my career at...
Q&A: Velia Amador - Co founder
Co-founder Velia Amador answers the most common questions she comes across as a jewelry maker and entrepreneur.
Sweden Collection | 09.19.19 - Part 1
Inspired by Sweden, we developed a soulful, delicately versatile everyday (not so everyday) collection that captures that wanderlust feeling of Danish charm.
Sweden Collection | 09.19.19 - Part 2
In Part 2 of our series Jillian and Velia share their thoughts, and reveal their crushes from the Sweden Inspired Collection.