Parisian Collection | 07.23.20 - Part 1

Paris Inspired Collection launching on July 23rd, 2020

Parisian Inspired Collection [part 1]

Parisian inspiration

Paris is such an iconic city that represents many things. For us, there were two elements that we wanted to bottle in this collection: sophistication and romance.

Love and fashion go together like champagne and oysters and we wanted to mould a collection that would emulate that feeling of elegance. The challenge we faced was how to keep these pieces balanced. 

the collection had to emanate luxury within a minimalist fashion.

Our design challenge

We wanted the collection to look sleek, but we also wanted to incorporate a playful filigree element. Another goal was to make the pieces reflect the light as much as possible as a salut to Paris’s “city of light” nickname.

The Design

We chose the herringbone chain as our anchor point because of its classic sleek look. The flat cable chain has a much tighter pattern than our normal components.

We also introduced long twists into our flat chain designs which gave us that flowy filigree feeling. And to help catch the light a bit more - we used a thicker gauge wire than we normally would use, this made the valleys in the twists deeper and more pronounced, creating an amazing effect that really draws your attention.



Madeleine Earrings (bottom left) Marais Necklace (bottom right) 


To finish the collection, we added a diamond charm accent which adds a little bit of playfulness. They are also so very darn cute!

Bercy Earrings and Belleville Necklace



Parisian Inspired Collection [Part 2] coming soon

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  • LIlli MIller

    Dear Jillian~

    I am a Journalist and Reporter. I am interested in the following items from your new Parisian Collection; once they become available:

    Montmartre Necklace (top) with Madeleine Earrings (bottom left) Marais Bracelet (bottom right)

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