About Us

Simplicity is beauty

We believe in decluttering life. Trimming back the overgrowth to make room for the important things to blossom. Eliminating the unnecessary to allow the necessary to come through. It is an appreciation of the little things, that are actually the big things.

About Us

Jillian Sheedy

Always on the hunt for contemporary and unique styles. Passionate about keeping up with trends and finding that unique "won't find this anywhere else" piece. Her love for fashion has fueled her career in the retail industry, taking her on many adventures around the globe. Now ready for the next adventure- bringing her own style to life and sharing it with the world.

Created locally, for you

We believe in supporting small businesses, and using the highest quality materials and stones to make our jewelry. We carefully curate our materials from other small businesses all over Canada and in the United States. Everything from the 14kt gold findings & chain to our gemstones. Each piece is made to order in our Winnipeg studio. 


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Artistic Process

We are always looking for the latest trends, drawing inspiration from around the world. Maybe it's a country or region we just absolutely adore, then draw inspiration from that union to create our designs. Its more of an artistic journey than the conventional jewelry design process. 

Drawing from wanderlust locations around the globe, we design to feed the inner globe trotter. Where will your jewelry take you next?

Globally Inspired, Locally Created

Find your inner globe trotter

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