Sweden Collection | 09.19.19 - Part 2

Part 2 of the Sweden Inspired Collection

behind the scenes with the founders of jillian leigh

Sweden Inspired Collection [part 2]

In Part 1  we introduced the inspiration behind the collection and how “Hygge” influenced the designs. In Part 2 of our series Jillian and Velia share their thoughts, and reveal their crushes from the Sweden Inspired Collection.

Jillian Sheedy and Velia Amador founders of Jillian Leigh Jewellery


Jillian SheedyStockholm earrings

  Jill: I have two: I love my bar studs with the little hook, the Stockholm earrings. They are a really popular style but we added a little twist to them which is really unique and that’s something I look for all the time, trendy but with a unique element that no one else has. My other favorite is the Trosa ring, its just stunningly beautiful!
 Velia: Mine is the Örebro Necklace, we like to call it the “O” necklace. I feel like it just goes with anything I’m wearing. It’s pretty much my go-to piece now, I haven’t taken it off in a while! Also, I love the Visby ring. I just love how organic it looks. Its actually really interesting because you can put it on in different ways to make it look different on your finger. Also, with the way it’s made no two rings are ever going to look the same, it has probably the most variance in design between pieces of the same style. Velia Amador

Örebro Necklace

Ok can I add one more?

 Ok can I add one more? The Lund ring which is an adjustable ring, I wear that on the regular. I kind of cruised past it because its not as forefront in my mind but I wear it all the time! Its just become part of my everyday thing, its like an elevated stacking ring.

adjustable stacking ring

Lund adjustable ring, a look with a twist

 Velia: ....and it can fit on any finger, also you can wear it two ways: the adjustable side facing up or you can hide it, (twist your ring) so that it looks like just one solid band.

ring ring ring

stacking rings

 Jill:  Any of these rings go together. I wear the Lund ring with my diamond wedding band often, it looks like a thin band of gold from far away but up close it has some detail on it which I really like.

wire design

 Velia: The Lund Ring is also the only ring we decided to make with a square wire. Another thing that’s special about the Sweden collection that sets it apart from the other collections is that there are different types of wire shapes that are used for different pieces. What I mean by that is, some pieces were designed and fashioned in certain ways. Some wires are squared, others rounded and some were half flattened rounded wires. The Lund uses a square wire, so it catches in the light really well. 

what's the most challenging to create?

 Jill: The Trosa ring for sure, it takes a lot of material & its basically three rings in one and it’s going to resonate the most with our fans.

 Velia: Yes! Probably Jill’s favorite piece is the hardest one to make, it’s the most complex but its so much fun to make them.

making the Trosa multi ring

the most popular style?

 Velia: I think the Visby ring will be the no.1 style, its very bold and different. These are not just plain stacking rings, they can stand on their own as well.

 Jill: I really think the bar earrings, necklaces and bracelets will be a hit! These are classic staples that every girl should have. They can go with anything. They are like a simple chain necklace or bracelet but with an added subtle detail. You can stack them with other pieces for a bold look or just wear them on their own. It’s a basic item with an added shimmer, a basic chain with just enough of that “little bit extra”. 

 Velia: .... especially the "Y" necklace (Luleå necklace), you can wear that with a sweater but you can wear that with a gown and it’ll definitely stand out.

long gold dainty necklace

Luleå necklace versatility


final thoughts

Jill: We're so excited about this collection because it really showcases what our brand is all about: dainty, unique and authentic. I feel like these pieces compliment all our other collections so well!

Velia: Every piece is organic, because everything is handmade and made to order. It’s such an important part of our brand, it’s what we (both) believe in. We hope to achieve that “this is made just for me” type of feeling in every piece. That means no two circles will ever be the same diameter for instance, there will be slight variances from piece to piece.


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