Nicole Zajac Collection | Part 2

Nicole Zajac Collaboration Jewelry collection

New York Inspired Collection [part 2]


NYC inspiration

Influenced by Nicole Zajac’s personal style, we take a deeper dive into the designs as she walks us through her favorite styles and styling tips.

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Timeless Chain

 Nicole: "What I love most about the curb chain is that it feels like such a timeless piece of jewelry I always wanted to have something that I can throw on and wear every single day that goes with everything."   

Different ways to wear curb chain necklace



Parkville Earrings "Originally, we were going to make these a stud but after making a few prototypes we decided to go with a dangle earring. it's super dainty

Favorite Piece  "My favorite thing about the Harlem ring is that it’s a loose chain so it fits your finger so nicely, which I absolutely love, I would wear these everyday or dress them up for a wedding outfit"

Dainty & Bold

Tribeca Ring & Lenox Earrings "I love simple stacker rings, so I wanted to make something bolder than a stacker ring, so we bonded together three rings. These are one my favorite pieces in the collection."

 Dainty and bold hoop earrings

City Lights

"The coin set is more of a dainty vibe, a little bit girly & the way these hit the light is incredible, the coin set is meant to feel light and playful. We used a delicate cable chain and bonded thin little discs to reflect the light."


Nicole's everyday look


Earrings: Lenox hoops with the Astoria studs - (double piercing)
Necklace Layer: Williamsburg & Midtown Manhattan Necklaces 
Bracelet: Brooklyn Bracelet
Rings: Harlem & Gramercy Ring


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