Parisian Collection | 07.23.20 - Part 2


Part 2 of our series we dive a little bit further into a few common questions, and take a closer look at some of our favorite pieces.

First thing first...

Why Paris?

Jill: I have been in love with Paris for such a long time and being able to incorporate it into one of our collections was sort of a dream I wanted to fulfill. It’s a fashion hub, always coming out with innovative trends.

Velia: its also such an iconic city, people can relate to it without ever visiting it. It can represent different things to people, luxury, romance, history…

Jill: … high fashion, elegance, food – all the amazing food!

What is your favorite piece?

Jill + Velia: Madeleine Earrings

gold Hoop twist earrings Jill: These earrings came out looking even more stunning than our original concept. The idea was to create something sleek but with a texture that would reflect light and look interesting. We began with a hoop earring concept, and we new we wanted to use a flat wire as our base.  But as we continued to play around and the prototype started to take shape we had a “spark” moment. What if we don’t close the hoop and add twists – like a croissant?

Velia: Its actually very fun to make, but also time consuming. You have to make sure the twists are evenly spread out and the right angle, the posts are soldered on to a thin area so there can’t be any mistakes, it has to be perfectly flush.

Most difficult piece to make?

Velia: Muette Ring! Working with the flat wire to make sure the twists are fairly evenly spaced out on a very small area is super time consuming and requires a lot of focus. Since the twists in the flat wire are so tight if you were to make a mistake you might as well start all over again. Also, the piece requires soldering to close the ring so you have to make sure the two ends are perfectly aligned to create a seamless seal. 

What will be the most popular piece in the collection?

Jill: The Bercy stud earrings, they are super cute and a great everyday piece.

Bercy Earrings (top)

Velia:  Definitely the Muette ring. Its so uncommon, its like the ‘elegant sophisticated cousin’ of our helix stacking ring. It can stand on its own, I mean you can wear it with other rings but this is probably the one time I would say, just give it some space to do its thing haha.

Jill: OK – I know I have to pick one but I just can’t! I think the Madeleine earrings will resonate with people. The shape is so unique, we put a lot of thought into the design and its probably the most sophisticated earring we have made. Definitely a statement piece.

Madeleine earrings  (left), Muette ring (right) 

Final thoughts

Jill: When you wear a piece from this collection I really want you to feel like you have something that is super high-end at the fraction of the cost. Something that seems high-fashion but still is dainty and versatile…

Velia: … it’s an elevated elegant collection that you can wear doing something casual but also looks perfect for a night out. I had so much fun working on this collection, it probably challenged me the most, and the pieces in the entire collection came out better than how we envisioned it. 


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