Ring Size Guide

3 simple ways to find your ring size

We created a simple guide to answer one of the most common questions we receive from customers, "how do I find my ring size?".

No worries - we got you.

Here are three ways you can determine your ring size from the comfort of your own home.

The string method

No special equipment required, just a non-stretchy string (or piece of thin paper), scissors and a pen. 
  1. Get a non-stretchy string around 6” long (15 cm)
  2. Wrap it around the base of your finger. Snug but not too tight.
  3. Mark the point where the string overlaps.
  4. Measure the length of the string in Millimeters and match it against the chart below.


Ring size guide use string



Measure an existing ring

Already own a ring that fits perfect?

You can find your ring size by measuring the diameter of a ring that fits you perfect on the intended finger. Follow these steps:
  1. Take a ruler and measure straight across the interior of the ring from edge to edge.
  2. Make sure it’s as close to the center as possible.
  3. Match the Millimeter measurement to our chart and voila!

 Ring sizes measure your ring



Print out our paper ring sizer

"I don’t have a string or an example ring, how can I find my ring size now?"

You are just in luck! We created a ring size guide that you can use to create your very own ring sizer, all you need is a printer, a pair of scissors and steady hands.

Download and print the ring sizer here.


Ring size measuring tips:

  • Make sure the ring sizer will also fit over your knuckle
  • Wider bands have less “give” for slipping over your knuckle
  • Cold weather can cause your fingers to shrink a bit
  • Measure your ring size at the end of the day